So just to be clear, being attacked for being a woman online is horrible and unacceptable, but someone on your facebook can comment that they truly hate men and that they believe "most men" harbor hatred for women? And that's what? Kosher? Totally fine to make assumptions and rather hateful judgements against an entire gender so long as that gender isn't female? And people ask me why I'm not a feminist, like I hate my own gender or something. I'd rather be a humanist than a feminist any day.

I didn’t make the comment on facebook about hating men, so I feel that I should not be attacked here for another’s comment. I also don’t think that humanism and feminism are mutually exclusive, so perhaps think about where the two come together for you. Also, everyone’s feminism is different, though some feminisms move more progressively than other feminisms. I try to not make assumptions about men actually and don’t think I have demonstrated that online, so I don’t know why you’re taking this up with me here. It makes me sad when I hear feminists rant on men as a gender, but I don’t think that Maddie is wrong in saying that she thinks most men harbor hatred for women: hatred can exist on very small levels, and I have witnessed that come out from most men I encounter in person and online, even from men I love and respect. I would even say that most women harbor a hatred towards men, for many reasons. Part of the reason I am a feminist is that I wish those hatreds and violences directed towards the Other did not exist, or exist so much. In my perfect world, gendering as a practice would be taken out of the equation ala Beauvoir.

i’m just a silly feminazi

I am a dumb cunt feminazi

I need to calm my tits

so angry it must be my period oh wait it’s not my period i’m a woman who is angry who gets periods

Like, I’m overreacting

I am a stupid dumb cunt whore women

   with stupid dumb cunt whore women-logic

Women-logic deserves to be raped

All the stupid women’s shut up your on your period

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Sound the feminist alarm!!!!!!!!!

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I really should calm those titties

going overboard like a little slut womyn

equal rights and equal lefts—beat a bitch, yall

I am an idiot who needs to shut up oh god please I sound like an idiot

I don’t even know what sexual harrassmant means cause I’m a stupid woman

I am gonna go up to some guy and tell him he has a nice ass cause womens don’t; if he wants a complement it’s a compliment cause he dresses like a little beach slut at the beach

I need to get my facts right before I go on a dumb-cunt rampage

Honestly it doesn’t even matter cause she doesn’t even have a nice ass so it’s not even sexual harassment it’s a joke stupid shit

i am an OverReacting +Sensitivity Bea”t”ch pig whore

i am objecting myself by giving into fashion norms and dressing like proactively, such a silly feminazi

It’s so hard for me to wear something that I feel good being complimented by a man in :/

where is my logic? I thought womyns didn’t have logics only women-logics

I guess I should stay at home or not dress like such a stupid whore skank to the beach why would I wear shorts if I didn’t want a compliment duh

Wow, that is so offensive lots of people get under my feminazi skin and into my feminazi cunt

I don’t even get this offendid when someone calls me a retard dumbass faggot

It’s a free country and I need to get over my dumb whore self

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Put that hoe in a hijab lol

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my dumb cunt is so sensitive

Chill the fuck up you are a bitch and so are all the women

I can’t even deal he sound like a male feminist

bitch can’t take a compliment bitches looking for trouble





i’m just a dumb cunt bitch whore women feminazi bitch with a feminist alarm

you are so far away and i have grown feelings for him as well....

uh huh?

are you in love with someone in your family ? sounds like it in your writings

As much as I’d like to say yes for dramatic and icky effects, no. I am in love with someone who lives across the country.

Bed Turnings

I begin when the day stops:

thinking of ceramic bowls and cups

waiting to be born in a dreamt Seattle

Of our bed which mother warns not to

Of lovely of kisses wet

Today’s sighs on the telephone:

speculations about how

much we should save.


Saving I love you

I don’t abuse it,

or I do.


How we stayed in bed for hours

dwindling our time away

“more love hours than could ever be repaid”

returning to inherency.


Deciding that we love furiously because

time is a captive of distance.


Being your ghost still, other:

haunting, but terrified

flying from coast to coast


into the ears of the Empire State

coloring my pillow in this dark,

moaning into it more than yours,

more than into what I knew before.


Knowing you are not of my before

You are of the golden hours

of after of winter of child

My self child. How she continues to grow

in your throat this autumn.


How she wants to be cradled,

but also to be a towering grown-up

who cries once every six months or so

who stays up past her bed time

and does not call for mama.


I turn towards abortion last before the sleep

I should terminate this child I am for you

I should have never been, possibly

I need to choke on this self and swallow to grow.


I end into—in two— Where did I go?

I ask this more than where I am going.


Eikoh Hosoe - Man and Woman, 1959-1960

"Eikoh Hosoe (細江 英公, Hosoe Eikō, born 1933 in Yonezawa, Yamagata) is a Japanese photographer and filmmaker who emerged from the experimental arts movement of post-World War II Japan. He is known for his psychologically charged images, often exploring subjects such as death, erotic obsession, and irrationality. Through his friendships and artistic collaborations he is linked with the writer Yukio Mishima and 1960’s avant-garde artists such as the dancer Tatsumi Hijikata." [Cultura Inquieta]

(via blue-voids)

Three Poems by Alex Dimitrov

Word Choice features original works of fiction and poetry. Read three poems by Alex Dimitrov with art by Paul Mpagi Sepuya.

László Moholy-Nagy, Das Veltgebaude (The Structure of the World), 1927.
Herbert Bayer, Hands Act, 1932.

Through Golden Hair

Syd Barrett became ours

then mine.

A madcap mined


for love notes in

Terrapin. In

bed I wanted you


to become

him. Somehow

Syd wouldn’t forget


my birthday. Somehow

he would wear velvet

suits and surprise

me with records.


Syd read poetry,

right? He painted

depression, colors you


do not know.

In the Redwoods I

hated sexism and your

silence when

 [ ]

a girl wasn’t supposed to

like backpacking.


Would Syd speak

for me? Syd is

dead, so I spoke

for myself.


Syd sang on our way

back and you and I made

love in the desert

and I forgot


about wanting to

elope with Syd with

flowers in my

hair in indigo



And so we played

new records and I

left Syd Barrett

on the shelf because I


really love

you, and I

mean you.


Brice Marden
[no title] 1971
William Eggleston, The Red Ceiling, 1973.
William Eggleston, Untitled (Chromes, 1969-1974).

My best friend has her own radio show that is focused on feminist music. Tuesdays/Thursdays; 8-10.

Syd Barrett, Terrapin. So sleepy, so love-dream 1970.