Rosemary Mayer, October Ghost, 1980.

Mary Kelly, Flashing Nipple Remix, 2005.

Mary Kelly is a goddess of mine.

Dara Birnbaum’s Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (1978)

Still one of the most funny and simultaneously poignant video art pieces I know.

Charlotte Moorman, T.V. Cello, 1971. Collaboration with Nam June Paik.

"Seated woman with bent knee" Artist: Egon Schiele

Untitled from KSOUTH on Vimeo.

Joan Jonas, Vertical Roll, 1972.

Irigaray silenced (spoke) to me

Language as culture

, language as man,

he is man’s; he him man is his language towards wanting

            all as masculine except what is not, silence is also not him;

silence is not

language. It is not itself.

Not other, but not man—     She is not man.

She is not she,                                                            her, she is

Not Him.


Vince McKelvie: Backflip
Today’s gif of the day goes to Vince McKelvie!  His lifeless figures backflip and undulate all at once, teaming together like an anthill and turning into the world’s most haunted donut.


He rolls over.
She remains. Her
remains were made
by him.

Yvonne Rainer, Journeys From Berlin 1971, 1980.


Children wearing gas masks while playing, WWII, 1941.

Bas Jan Ader’s I’m Too Sad to Tell You, 1971.


Robin Cracknell

(via pbsarts)


Francis Bacon, Lying Figure, Oil on Canvas, 1969

My Dialogic Space (poem from May)

What is the smallest sound you could make?


            I wish I could art


This is a tea party and I was not invited,


But what is the best thing I could do when I knew

I couldn’t do what I thought I could do


I hope I never offend someone and yet I hope someday I have the power to offend someone through critiquing

blank and blank and blank.


I am not sure what I mean by that, but poetry does that and you learn what you meant or craft it


Myself and I are winking,


Getting high alone too often but I guess this is a playmate


My body vibrates out turpentine like that artist with the gravelly voice I transcribed


I want to move as a man and not realize I am a man or think of that power as an anything gendered


Making poems I feel heavy I bet someone could see me droop time-lapse


I wonder what Derrida felt like when he changed worlds


This is a heart owl and she woots goodnight


Losing it I pop!


She wanted to weep all over someone


I verbally abused a sandwich and told it that it was the worst sandwich I had ever had and then I felt guilty and I started to think about what makes a subject and what an object


Also searched on yahoo answers “why do some men hate women” and felt smart and sad


They theorized the acts of writing a paper


She theorized turning Lacan into art, postpartum magic



I theorize theorized theorizing myself and myselves and themselves today.